Video is such an effective method of delivering your message and communicating who you are in vivid and inspiring detail. And with multiple platforms to share video content, such as YouTube, Facebook and other social media channels, the potential for audience engagement is high. For instance, video content on social media outperforms photos nearly three to one. It’s hard to ignore statistics like those.
That is why Paperkite is so excited to welcome our new Videographer Megan Haggerty to the team. She’s going to help Paperkite’s clients take advantage of the benefits of video content. Originally from Cooperstown and a graduate of Endicott College in Beverly, Mass., Megan has returned to the area to work with Paperkite on video and photography projects.

“Video is such a great medium and can really unlock a door for a client in terms of helping them be relatable and easy to identify. When done right, videos can make a complex message easy to understand.”

Megan’s experience runs the gamut from documentary-style to narrative-driven video productions. She likes the flexibility video offers for creating something that captures unique perspectives.

“I like that you can color outside of the lines. With video you can communicate nuances of your brand that can be difficult to translate in other mediums like print; it has versatility.”

Look for upcoming video productions of all sizes from the Paperkite team coming soon to social channel near you! Want to create a video with Paperkite? Give us a shout!