3-D Maps and Illustrations? YES Please! Check out this 3-D map illustration Paperkite created for The Farmers’ Museum. We think it speaks for itself.

3-D renderings such as this example showing the main entrance of a museum with parking lots both next to the building as well as across the street will help visitors better understand the layout of your business.

From this one illustration there are multiple uses. We are developing an interactive online tool for the client’s website, as well as a handy orientation map for visitors navigating through the Farmers’ Museum in-person. For the site visitor, whether they are online or in real life, the map makes navigation much easier with structures, paths and details that are easy to identify.
This type of map works really well for college campuses, parks, corporate sites, tourism guides, municipalities, breweries and wineries, museums, resorts and hotels—anywhere with high traffic and a need to get visitors quickly acclimated to the lay of the land.
Contacts us if you are interested; we really want to create another one!