Case Study: Otsego Now

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At Paperkite Creative, we love a challenge. That’s exactly what we got when we were hired by The County of Otsego Industrial Development Agency (IDA) — a firm that works to support and promote business and job development in the county — to strengthen its brand and create a more visible and powerful presence in the growing local economy.
We couldn’t complete those tasks without truly understanding The County of Otsego IDA’s goals and objectives, so we immersed ourselves in Otsego County’s business community. After six months of discussions, ideas and hard work, we were able to deliver a total overhaul to The County of Otsego IDA’s brand — including a new name and website. Here’s what happened.

The Problems

  • The County of Otsego IDA’s new leadership team needed help standing out in the market and positioning themselves as a more progressive economic development engine.
  • The leadership felt that the firm’s name, The County of Otsego IDA, wasn’t memorable, modern or in alignment with its goals.

The Process

Research: The Paperkite team immersed itself in Otsego County’s business community to better understand The County of Otsego IDA’s goals and needs, as well as trends in the economic development industry. Then, Paperkite helped create a committee of 12 high-profile leaders in Otsego County’s business community to help with the branding process.

Collaboration: Paperkite held a kick-off meeting with the committee to gather information and inspiration for the project. Then, Paperkite and the committee participated in a Brand Alignment Session, which allowed for discussion about The County of Otsego IDA’s brand platform and messaging.

Production: Based on the Brand Alignment Session, kick-off meeting and additional research, Paperkite and the committee agreed on a new name for the firm: Otsego Now, Hub for Economic Progress. Paperkite created a number of logo options, color palettes, type styles and design elements to present to the committee. Paperkite and the committee also decided on complementary supporting items, including letterhead, envelopes, business cards and signage. In addition, Paperkite delivered design and display options for the website, including a home page design. All parties worked together to select the design combinations that most accurately captured Otsego Now’s brand.

 This an example of the Brand Style Guide we created for Otsego Now.

Development: To create Otsego Now’s new and modern website, Paperkite first analyzed other websites in related industries. Next, they worked with Otsego Now’s leadership to create a site outline and navigational structure. Then, Paperkite built a test site using the approved design, content and specifications. After a few rounds of revisions and discussions with the committee, the site was approved and launched with an easy-to-navigate design and layout.

Extras: Paperkite completed sub-branding for Otsego Now’s state-of-the-art workforce training center. The training center needed to build awareness and educate the public about the new training initiative in their community. Paperkite created signage and materials that gave the center a polished and professional look in line with Otsego Now’s overall brand.

Support: Paperkite trained Otsego Now’s staff on the new website and provided training videos and documentation. Paperkite also delivered a graphic system guideline and all supporting materials to Otsego Now.

An important part of fulfilling the brand is making sure all sub brands, such as the Workforce Training Center (left) and all materials like the Annual Report (above) are connected to the overarching brand of Otsego Now.
A new easy to use and update website was developed to help the organization communicate its message and offerings. To maximize accessibility, the site was developed with a responsive design to ensure it displayed properly on mobile devices.

The Solutions

  • Paperkite delivered a new name—Otsego Now, Hub for Economic Progress—that was more modern, memorable and better incorporated the firm’s goals.
  • Otsego Now received a full brand package and all necessary supporting documents to maintain a consistent brand that will create better brand recognition in the community.
  • Paperkite created a new website for Otsego Now that is easier to navigate, clear and organized, and encompasses the firm’s goals and objectives.