The football food has been ordered, the beer is cold and the big event is upon us. The creative minds at Paperkite Creative are getting geared up to watch the biggest event in the marketing industry – the Super Bowl ads! Morgan Behnke, Alyssa Roehrenbeck and Megan Wagner are breaking down what to expect, and what not to get our hopes up for, from this year’s round of Super Bowl ads.

What We’ll See

Morgan Behnke (Graphic Designer):
I think advertisers are going to try to hit home with a “unity” theme. Ads might be more sentimental than comedic this year. Trump parodies are likely. Maybe Doritos (Everyone’s favorite orange snack)? A Budweiser tearjerker is always eminent. WIX has already aired their ad via Facebook live. First company ever to do so!

Megan Wagner (Marketing Strategist):
This year’s ads will definitely have a more powerful social message of equality and tolerance. We’ll also see some jabs from this year’s crazy political climate that could probably write themselves! Also, social media will continue to be a player in extending advertiser messages – like an overspill from traditional television. Personally, I’m betting on Peyton Manning making his Super Bowl ad debut, now that he’s off into retirement.

Alyssa Roehrenbeck (Copywriter):
I think this year will see an even bigger mix of viral online ads that may even release before the big game a la the Anna Kendrick beer ad two years ago. Advertisers find freedom in what the internet offers with edgier content with a more targeted audience than the huge one found on the day of the big game.  I second Morgan’s thoughts about the theme of unity like we’ve already seen in several big holiday ad campaigns, like Jeep. Now, if only the ads can make it a reality!

What We Won’t See

I don’t think Pepsi Co. is airing an ad this year. Coke might swoop in on that?

I’m not putting my money on anything overly funny. The comical aspect to advertising is the Ghost of Super Bowl’s Past. Advertisers are going toward concepts that are more impactful and can translate more effectively online. Of course this prediction is null and void if Peyton does make his Super Bowl ad debut (because, it’s Peyton, obviously!).

It’s not likely, but I’m praying for crazy, out-of-the-box ads. As for the traditional ads, I hope we see something even crazier than that alien lifeform PuppyMonkeyBaby by Mt. Dew last year.

Favorite NFL Team

Morgan:  Green Bay Packers
Megan:  Indianapolis Colts (and still loves Peyton Manning)
Alyssa: Pittsburgh Steelers

So there you have it! Will their predictions hold true? Stay tuned next week for our analysis of the biggest winners and losers of the Super Bowl ad showdown.