Team Paperkite’s Super Bowl Advertising Winners and Losers

By February 7, 2017Uncategorized

The pizza is gone, the beer bottles are empty and Super Bowl 51 has concluded in a wild and crazy fashion. The Patriots come-from-behind win was as epic as Lady Gaga’s halftime performance. But how did the all-star lineup of ads stack up this year? Team Paperkite is dishing out their advertising winners and losers from Super Bowl 51.

Morgan Behnke (graphic designer)

84 Lumber’s spot was incredible. I actually did visit to see the conclusion to their ad. If I hadn’t, the most important part of their message would’ve been almost completely lost on me, which is too bad. “The will to succeed is always welcome here” choked me up a little.

Audi’s ‘Daughter’ ad was so sweet and  the Snickers live ad was the winner of my ‘funny’ category.

Mr. Clean was super creepy.

Susan Green (creative director)

My favorite was the ad with the “Brady Everyday” ad by Intel, mostly because it made my sons laugh hysterically when he ate the pancake off the floor before the dog could.

I liked all of the positive and unity-themed messages that were evident. It was nice to see advertisers use their platform to promote unity. Also, the movie trailers were just epic!  You could tell they definitely went above and beyond for their Super Bowl spot.

I was not impressed with the Snickers live ad. The only real “live” element was when they made reference to the score? Otherwise what was the difference?

Megan Wagner (marketing strategist)

I thought the “Tide with Terry Bradshaw” ad was the most dynamic because it incorporated live TV, social media and pre-recorded spots. I wonder how many people were yelling at the TV because Terry Bradshaw had a huge stain on his shirt? #TerryStain was trending on Twitter even before the spot aired. Very, very clever.

T-Mobile One’s “Wireless pain is fine, if you’re into that sort of thing” was a big miss. It was edgy, clever and attention grabbing but aired for the wrong audience, as the Super Bowl is a family-friendly event. Proves that advertisers should truly know their audience what trying something out of the box!

Alyssa Roehrenbeck (copywriter)

84 Lumber, with Audi as a close second, were my favorites, as they both promoted unity and inclusion. Also, the “crazy element” that I predicted we wouldn’t see in the ads did appear in the halftime show! The drones used during Lady Gaga’s performance were out of this world. I thought that was some sort of special effect until they talked about it afterward.

The Snickers Live Ad – there wasn’t anything special or different about it compared to a pre-recorded spot.

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