An Intro to Music Streaming Advertising

By March 10, 2017Uncategorized
An Intro to Music Streaming Advertising

If you’ve ever kicked on a music streaming service, like Pandora or Spotify, you know that online streaming is the best thing since sliced bread for music lovers. There are nearly limitless stations for every genre, artist, and decade. But online streaming is also quickly becoming a more commonly-used advertising platform. Brands are increasingly taking advantage of this digital marketing channel to extend their message to untapped audiences. According to a report published by the Recording Industry Association of America, on-demand ad-supported streaming grew 31% year over year to $385 million in 2015.

Here are four reasons why music streaming advertising should be considered in your marketing strategy.

“On-demand ad-supported streaming grew 31% year over year to $385 million in 2015.”
Recording Industry Association of America

Extend the Audience Reach

While traditional radio is still a wonderful way to reach a local listening area, digital streaming services can reach untapped audiences that reach beyond a station’s signal. Brands can build campaigns based on a variety of demographics such as location, age, gender and other consumer persona information. For example, a brand could build a campaign targeting males, ages 21-25, living in the Orlando metro area who are also in the market to purchase a new vehicle.

Multiple Messaging Options

Live music streaming platforms offer a variety of messaging options beyond the typical 15 second audio message. Static display ads and short videos can be included to solidify a cohesive message. These bonus ad features can also be hyperlinked to a landing page on a brand’s website.

Avoid the Clutter

If you’ve ever streamed music online, then you know that ads are played far less frequently than the terrestrial radio counterpart. Streaming services are conscientious about the quantity of ads being played so advertiser messages don’t get diluted. In some cases, display ads and video ads are only shown/played when the user takes an action such as changing a station or skipping a song.

Trackable results

As with any digital channel, tracking and analyzing results is vital. Testing and retesting is the best way to ensure your campaign targeting and messaging are performing at maximum efficiency. TIP: Inquire with the streaming service about collecting email addresses of users who heard your spot, viewed your video or clicked on a display ad. You can then use those emails for possible retargeting campaigns on Facebook or Google AdWords to reinforce your message.

As marketing platforms becomes more and more digital, and less traditional, brands should keep any and all options open. But only if they are the right fit for the brand. To help determine the best digital marketing fits for your business, contact us and our team of digital experts will help!