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How Untappd gives breweries a new platform to reach craft beer lovers

By March 24, 2017Uncategorized

If you’re familiar with the Foursquare or Swarm app, you know how super easy it is to “check in” to any location and let followers know where you are. But did you know there’s an app created especially for beer lovers that uses this same concept? Untappd allows users to check in to breweries and bars, rate beers, explore beers nearby, and unlock custom badges. Not only is this a fun app for beer lovers to interact with but can be an advantageous for breweries and beer marketers. Plus, it can be incorporated seamlessly with any social media strategy. Here are four key ways using Untappd can boost a brewery’s marketing efforts to reach your target audience.

Boost brand visibility

The craft brewing industry is booming, meaning there’s more and more competition in the overall market. By verifying your brewery on Untappd, both locals and travelers going through your area will be able to find your venue based on location. They can also check out more about your brewery and see a list of your lineup of brews.

Announce new brews

Are you launching a new brew? Generate some extra buzz around the newly-released product and list it on Untappd. Users will be able to read the description, see what others think (see below) and try it out for themselves!

Get product feedback

Are your beers hitting the spot or missing the mark? By using Untappd, users can both rate and comment on your lineup of brews, which provides invaluable feedback for your brewery. You can see which beers are the most popular and which might need to be taken off the list. Breweries can also uncover brews that aren’t getting a lot of attention and can come up with a plan to get it in front of more taste buds.

Promote events

Are you hosting a big event and need to get the word out? Untappd has an event calendar feature which allows verified venues to post their upcoming events. Again, this feature is based on mobile location but is a really handy way to build additional awareness for live music, tap takeovers and more!

Mobile marketing is vital to any industry and craft beer is no exception. Breweries need to take advantage of mobile apps and platforms that reach their niche audience with ease and accuracy. Is your brewery ready to plan out a toast-worthy mobile marketing strategy to include Untappd? Contact us today and our digital team will get to work!