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Why You Should Get to Know Facebook Messenger Ads

By April 14, 2017Uncategorized

Facebook’s advertising platform has grown and evolved to accommodate a variety of objectives for brands. From short video clips and carousel slideshows to local, geo targeted messaging and retargeting web traffic, brands can pick and choose the option that best fits their goal. But now, Facebook is now adding to that list of options by offering Facebook Messenger ads.

Why this option shouldn’t be ignored

The tried and true ad options on Facebook will soon be dwindling. In fact, space for Facebook’s News Feed ads (their flagship advertising product) will max out at some point in 2017. This means that brands will need to get creative about how their message will reach target audiences.

How Facebook Messenger ads works

Facebook Messenger ads work in two different ways. They are set up just as any other Facebook campaign and can run as either a destination or a placement. Here’s the difference between the two:

As a Destination

Instead of sending users to a website off of Facebook, they’ll click on the call-to-action and Facebook Messenger will automatically open. There, they will be able to directly ask questions about the product or service being offered in an instant. One thing to remember is that you’ll need a dedicated person or team to respond to these inquiries. Treat it just like you would a phone call or email coming in to your business.

As a Placement

Ads will show up directly in Facebook Messenger but there’s a catch! You might think that you can set your targeting to send ads to anyone on Messenger but that’s not the case. Only people who have previously messaged your page will receive the ads. Additionally, brands will have to pay for the ad impression even if the person on the other end never opens the sponsored message. So this option can get expensive! But brands can take advantage of bot services, such as ManyChat, as helpful work around that can save some money (more on this in a future blog post!).

As Facebook News Feed ad space becomes less available over the next year, brands need to think outside of the box. Facebook Messenger ads offer an innovative solution that encourages further connection with your target audience.

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