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Paperkite Staff Spotlight: Morgan Behnke

By May 19, 2017Uncategorized

We at Paperkite Creative produce hundreds of pieces of beautifully designed marketing collateral per year for our clients. Each is carefully and lovingly created with the client’s brand personality and custom messaging front and center of each ad, poster, brochure or business card. It takes a special eye for color palettes, layout, typography and more to blend together in cohesive harmony and Morgan Behnke is one of the masterful minds behind these creations.

How She Got Her Start in Graphic Design

Aesthetics have always been the basis of Morgan’s work, but her experience is design is filled with variety. She took advantage of internships that taught her about print publishing, basic coding, videography, photography, journalism, and event coordination when she was in college. She graduated with a degree in graphic design and marketing communications and went on to freelance, explore photography on weekends, worked at an art gallery part-time, and designed for an activewear company.

She credits her love of graphic design to her Aunt Trish, who is also a graphic designer. Fostering Morgan’s inner artist from a young age, her aunt encouraged her to consider different art schools and take day trips to the Milwaukee Museum of Art to explore various exhibits such as Chuck Close’s massive self-portrait and the “Infinity Room” installation. Growing up, Morgan loved her aunt’s style– clean, mod, and architectural – and still admires the person and designer her aunt is today.

Where She Gets Her Design Inspiration

In Morgan’s opinion, good design is thoughtful, clever, evocative, and above all, effective. Form and function should never compromise one another in a completed piece, but work together. She finds design inspiration in life’s little treasures – from a piping hot cup of coffee to eclectic music and the vibrant blooms of a garden. Morgan also enjoys looking through old print publications and finding new ways to present information and how to organize a harmonious hierarchy with type, color, and scale  – it really makes her soul sing!

About Her Creative Process

Morgan’s creative process starts with meeting the client, along with conducting some background research. She believes that sketching is still an integral part of the design development, followed by the actual digital design. Morgan is also well-versed in the metamorphosis of a client’s particular style and preference from the initial inception of a design all the way to the final approvals.

When She‘s Not Designing

Morgan’s day starts with a check-in on her babies – her two AND four-legged babies, that is! Originally from Wisconsin, she grew up in the dairy business and isn’t a stranger to hard work. Her family raises dairy cows in the area so you’ll frequently find Morgan up and at em’ early in the morning tending to their baby calves in their barn along with her little boy, Liam.

Morgan’s Advice to New Clients

Morgan’s key advice to any new client is that communication is everything. She believes that offering the design team clarity when describing your brand’s needs and an overall responsiveness are so important throughout the creation process. It makes the whole process easier and more efficient!

If your company’s design is needing a creative infusion, contact Paperkite Creative and we’ll put Morgan’s and Art Director Jennifer Tesiero’s design magic to work for your brand!