CASE STUDY: Fly Creek Cider Mill’s “Taste, Tour & Play” Campaign

By February 7, 2018Uncategorized

We love creating new and innovative campaigns for our clients  – and most importantly, ones that bring in fantastic results! This summer, we worked with new client Fly Creek Cider Mill on a summer promotional campaign unlike one they’ve ever run before. The “Taste, Tour & Play” campaign encompassed a multi-step process – goal setting, strategy, tactics and execution.  We’re breaking down all aspects of the campaign in this case study, sharing the highlights and end results.

The Goal:

In case you’re not familiar, Fly Creek Cider Mill is a wonderful staple in the Cooperstown area. The Mill, located only a few minutes from Cooperstown in the town of Fly Creek, is a historic, water-powered mill on the banks of Fly Creek. For 161 years visitors, have witnessed the pressing of fresh, sweet and delicious cider creating an experience that has become a tradition shared by generations. They press fresh cider from New York State apples with their 1889 Boomer and Boschert water-powered press. Very cool!

Their Mill Store Marketplace is also a must-see, with sampling of over 40 specialty food products, many made right at the Mill. Daily tastings include apple salsa, zesty salad dressings, hot sauces, preserves, aged cheddar cheese and Mill-made fudge (we LOVE having meetings on-site so we can try all the goodies!).

The goals of the campaign were to:

  • Increase foot traffic and in-store sales during the summer months, in off-peak, fall apple season
  • Bring awareness to new attractions at the Mill, such as their new Duck Race

The Strategy:

After we defined the goals of the campaign, we worked with the Mill to create a compelling opt-in offer that would encourage in-person visits to the Mill from June – August, We also defined two target audiences: out-of-town families in the area for baseball tournaments; local residents within a 40-mile radius of the Mill. Using this offer, we would capture email addresses to build a list and then continue the conversation throughout the summer with those audiences.

The Tactics:

Using a mix of traditional media, digital/social media and email marketing, we tailored a marketing plan to appeal to the right audiences using a variety of methods. Here is a breakdown of all of the components that were used to create this cohesive and effective campaign.

Promotional Offer

The compelling promotional offer included vouchers for four different products at the Mill  – a freeracing duck; a free cookbook; a free 5 oz. cider slush; and BOGO 50% on a value meal. The offer, together with a custom landing page design, was made available after an individual submitted their email address. The vouchers were then automatically emailed to that person.


We created an on-site video highlighting the promotional offer (with the help of four extraordinary actors!) This brought more of a fun, dynamic and engaging feel to encourage people to opt-in to the deal and visit the Mill. We purposed this video for television ads, Facebook ads and in email marketing.

Traditional Media

Fly Creek Cider Mill, being a long-standing and beloved business, has worked for many years with a variety of print, radio and television outlets. We built a tailored traditional media plan using those platforms based on the market and audiences that we were intending to reach.

Digital / Social Media

Using a mix of display, Facebook / Instagram advertising  we implemented a retargeting strategy.

Email Marketing

After the opt-in took place and the vouchers were delivered, the communication didn’t stop there! We set up a series of emails to further reinforce the message that Fly Creek Cider Mill was the place to be this summer and reminding participants to use their vouchers before the summer ended. Using an email sequence structure, it was a highly-effective method to keep the Mill top of mind and encourage users to redeem their vouchers.

The Results:

After reviewing all of the analytical data, both from the digital platforms and from in-store redemptions, this campaign proved to be highly effective and successful! Here are some of the nitty gritty deets:

  • The opt-in page realized an over 11% conversion rate
    (According to research, across industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher.)
  • The platforms that converted the highest were Facebook ads.
  • The display ads brought in a high volume of traffic to the site, which was excellent for brand awareness.
  • The redemption rate (vouchers downloaded vs. redeemed) for August 2017 alone was 94%.
  • The promotion was the Mill’s most successful to date.

The Takeaway:

We were thrilled with the results of this particular campaign and also learned a lot in the process. Here are our main takeaways:

  • The Offer is KEY
    You must provide something that your audiences will actually want in order to cut through the “giveaway” clutter.
  • Use Media That is Tailored to Your Audience
    Since Fly Creek has a wide range of audience media preferences, we could customize the plan to reach the greatest number of people and maximize effectiveness of the marketing dollars.
  • Consistency Counts
    By using an email marketing sequence, we were able to keep the Mill’s message in front of potential visitors  (but without being annoying!).
  • Mobile is Mandatory  – When designing the voucher delivery email, along with the subsequent emails, we made sure that the vouchers would be able to be scanned using a mobile device