Brand Development from Paperkite Creative

A brand is more than a nice logo design. It’s your platform, the values upon which all of your marketing efforts are based—it’s both where you fit into your industry and how you stand out. As your authentic “personality,” a strong brand is not manufactured, but revealed, and Paperkite Creative has developed a proven process for reaching the core of who you are.


Phase 1: Kick-off
We’ll gather information about and inspiration for your project from your team.
Phase 2: Research
We use interviews, questionnaires, and other tools to understand your industry and your place within it.
Phase 3: Paperkite’s facilitated branding session
We’ll gather your team for an informational and collaborative session, resulting in a strong, clear brand platform.
Phase 4: Identity development
We take your brand platform and translate it through messaging and design.
Phase 5: Putting it into action
We’ll assist you with implementation, from placing the new logo on your website to utilizing your new visual identity in print design products.
Phase 6: Team training
We provide you with comprehensive brand guidelines and training on how to use the new identity to wrap up the project!

Brand Development Case Study:

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